Customer testimonials


Peter Warren Ford Smithfield had the best customer service providing me with essential information and ideas. A big Thank you to Quoc and Dave for assisting me upon my visit.
- Rendy

In a world where we are often quick to hear about a poor experience in any field of customer service, I wanted to take the time to praise and acknowledge the high level of service I receive from David Atterton at your Peter Warren Ford Smithfield service department.
I like to keep my car maintained to a high standard, which means I do usually visit a service centre more than most. I have worked in the automotive industry for 12 years and often hear and see the way some organisations operate which makes me very reluctant to venture to a new car servicing provider, after being highly recommended by a friend to try David at Peter Warren Ford, I decided to book in my falcon for a routine service and have never looked back.
Since then, I have visited the team at Peter Warren Ford Smithfield a number of times, and on all occasions my experience with them has always been pleasant and easy, the car is always ready when promised and I am always kept up to date with what work has been done.
To anyone who is looking for a good and honest place to take your Ford for any need, I cannot recommend David and the whole team at the Smithfield service centre enough.
I will continue to support such a great team for many years to come Thank you for your time.
Frank Coniglio

Letter of appreciation | Andrew Stewart

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing to inform you of the excellent customer service I received from David Atterton at Peter Warren Ford Smithfield (service department).

I own a 2010 Falcon XR50 Turbo that I purchased new. (from a different dealer) My car is in immaculate condition and has under 20,000km.

The car started to make a knocking sound under acceleration. So I took the car to my local Ford dealer.

I was extremely disappointed at the so called service at this dealership. They failed to identify the problem and told me it would not be fixed.

I left there extremely frustrated and angry. I will never visit this Ford dealer again nor will I recommend them. They are doing your brand no favours.

Then while telling a local workshop of my experience he gave me David’s personal mobile number, they told me to call him as “he knew what he was talking about”.

I called David on his personal mobile. Up until this point I had never spoken to David before.

I told David of my situation.

He told me to bring my car in anytime. I took my car to him that day.

He asked me to take him for a drive round the block so he could hear the problem.

He identified it straight away, then put the car on the hoist to check. He called over another mechanic to confirm his assessment.

While the car was on the hoist he noticed a bolt missing near the gearbox and also that the tail shaft was out of alignment. (all things that were missed by the other dealer)

David then booked the car in for me and organised a spare car for me.

I dropped my car in to be repaired the next week.

I received a call several hours later telling me the car was fixed but would need to come in again as the tail shaft had some damage and would need to be replaced. (this part needed to be ordered).

I picked my car up that day. David explained in detail what they had done and what still needed doing. He said he would call me when the tail shaft arrived.

Two weeks later David called me, organised for me to come in, had a loan car waiting again.

I now have my car back in perfect condition.

I just wanted to let you know of my experience and how happy I was with David’s customer service and knowledge.

When my car is ready for its next service I will be calling David without hesitation.

I will happily recommend David and Peter Warren Ford.

If you wish to discuss any of this further please contact me.

Andrew Stewart.